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Brought to you by the visionaries of Vintage South.

Designed as a commerce and social center, Eastwood Villiage will be a 26,332 square foot restored chapel in the bustling Eastwood Nashville neighborhood. The space will be home to retail shops, lively restaurants, residential housing, and beautiful offices.






Restoring traditional character, strengthening modern neighborhoods.

Vintage South is a Nashville real estate investment firm who creates and develops one-of-a-kind properties that reclaim the details and inherent spirit of the past. Through our thoughtful restoration and modernization process, we hope to create memorable spaces that serve communities well.

Who we are

Create the new by reimagining the old.

Nathan Lyons is the founder of Vintage South. With a strength in envisioning contemporary development potential in traditional structures, Nathan has a successful portfolio of unique and timeless residential and commercial properties. He has spent years working to do things differently, and is never afraid to take a chance and try something new. Nathan takes on projects that inspire him, and always surrounds himself with outstanding business partners.

Eastwood Villiage is proud to be a joint venture with Greg Powell, founder & CEO of Legacy Partners.

About the space

Character that shows and stories to tell.

Hobson United Methodist Church built their first building on this property in 1853. In February of 1862, the federal army occupied Nashville and used the church as a hospital and horse stable. Later, the church was used as a school for boys. The church expanded through the years with the chapel being constructed in 1868, the main sanctuary facing Greenwood in 1929, and a two-story education building in 1953 to connect the original church and sanctuary.

Today the property sits in the heart of the thriving Eastwood Nashville neighborhood. After a comprehensive renovation, Eastwood Village will be a gathering place for the community to shop, dine, live, and work.

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